Betting in 2018: Trends and forecasts

Online betting sites are going to make big bucks this year

The growing number of online betting sites have encouraged a new breed of passionate gamblers to wager their luck on these sites. Every day more and more young people are lured to these online gambling platforms with the hope of winning the jackpot or beating the bookie at odds. The proliferation of smartphones and apps tending to the same are an added boost. Hence, online betting is already set on its path to becoming a booming multi-billion dollar business by the end of the year.                                                                               

The top trends that shall rule online gambling platform in 2018

Even with a crystal ball or tarot cards, you won’t be able to predict whether you will get lucky when you place the next bet. We on the other hand, without using anything as much can tell you about the gambling trends to watch out for the coming year.

Women and Betting: Hailed as a man’s game, betting is also a favourite among the women. Be it the thrill associated with the wagering or the desire to earn a few extra bucks instantly, there has been reported an increase in the number of female bettors in recent years. Online casino sites and slots games designed exclusively for women like Pink Casino, 888Ladies, and others are making the whole concept of betting inviting to the ladies. While visiting a casino is often frowned upon when you are a woman. Online betting turns out to be more appealing as there is nothing more thrilling than placing the bet using your mobile or tablet in your nightdress after you have tucked the kids to sleep. It is thus, no wonder that the majority of female bettors choose to bet online.

Virtual Reality: There is just something about the air at the casino that makes you want to bet hard. Betting online may be comfortable but it still cannot make up for the climate that a betting shop provides. However, with the rising number of online bettors, big betting brands are trying to recreate the similar experience for their customers using VR (Virtual Reality) technology. VR is already a big hit in video gaming and mobile gaming. The application of VR to online betting sites is a whole new deal. Virtual reality will allow betting websites to create an immersive experience for users that will give them the feeling of being inside a real casino.

Safer Banking: When bitcoin broke the internet, electronic money transfer no longer remained the same. Moving over the traditional system of banking online, cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and Ethereum currency are proving to be a safer alternative to credit cards and cheques when it comes to online gambling. Though e-wallets and other digital payment methods remain popular, there is a greater demand for safer channels of monetary transactions.

Social media integration: The social networking platforms have revolutionized the way millennials communicate with one another online. The mass appeal of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc is pushing digital betting site owners to incorporate these features into their website. Virtual casinos and betting websites are integrating chat options and social buttons to let players engage with one another, share tips and place their bets all in one place.

Mobile first: Smartphones have made it possible for online bookmakers to tap into the huge mobile betting market. Nine out of ten people use mobile phones for a greater part of their day. With mobile banking, reduced data costs and practically low cost of smartphones, there is enough room for bookmakers to engage customers to bet using their smartphones. Slot games, virtual casino games, and poker apps are now designed exclusively for mobile users to encourage them to bet from anywhere and at any time they choose.

Skill-based gaming: For a big majority of people, betting is all about luck. There is a widespread belief that if lady luck is not in your favour then all odds stand against you. Times have however changed, and now gambling is as much a game of luck as it is of knowing how to play. The Global Gaming Expo (GME) that took place in October 2017 has stressed upon the skill-based gaming for both online and offline casinos. This comes at a time when betting companies are looking to garner interest among the younger crowd who love a good challenge instead of simple luck-based wagering.

Online gambling has a huge growth potential with an expected revenue running into the billions. With the legalization of online gambling in the USA, bookmakers are looking at a vast and previously untapped market which can be a huge milestone for the betting industry as a whole. This also means more people are going to gamble online, giving the bookmakers and betting companies a run for capturing this thriving market. Now only the new year can tell in whose favour the odds shall rest.

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