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The online betting industry is growing at an exponential rate with an annual revenue turnover of billions.

The worldwide adaptation of mobile devices, computers and technology has facilitated the rise of this market which the trailblazers of the gambling industry have been banking upon for years.

And while the niche remains as competitive as any other, anyone interested in establishing a bookie business can still get ahead of the competition if their offerings are unique and they know what their target markets want. 

The Betnesis sportsbook software is here to help you

The first step in setting up any business is gathering all your resources. For your betting business, the first resource you require is a good sportsbook software.

Designing and developing a sportsbook is a long drawn affair as much as it is costly. And with the high competition in the market, wasting time trying to develop your sportsbook can be a real bummer.

But we have the right solution for you – Betnesis, an instant sportsbook software solution that can be designed as per your requirement within a short time.

Betnesis not only gives you a sportsbook but also brings along a host of feed providing services for various sports, poker games, online casinos, slots, TOTO and more.

Not only this, you can also avail the Curacao Gaming License when you choose to buy your sportsbook from Betnesis.

Betnesis is the all-round sportsbook solution that you should definitely consider for your bookmaking business.

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Why should you choose Betnesis?

  • Limited setup time: Betnesis is a pre-made sportsbook template that you can tweak to make your own. It requires a very short span of time to be setup and integrate all the feeds and the required
  • Stand-alone feeds: If you already have a sportsbook and are looking for the right feed providers, we can help you. We have partnered with some of the top bookmakers across the globe who offer various odds feed for different price ranges.
  • Get your license instantly: While your sportsbook is being developed, you can also apply for the Curacao Gaming License that allows you to setup a gambling business in almost any country in the world excluding a few.
  • Get support all through: The development team at Betnesis has got your back, be it during the development process or beyond.
  • Save with our custom packages: Betnesis has three packages on offer – BASIC, PREMIUM, CUSTOM. There are several different add-ons as well as other features that you can choose from as per your need. Or else you can also customize the sportsbook from scratch.

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